Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy Dance Time

So remember that New Years resolution I had to be a better blogger? I guess I have become yet another number to add to the statistic of how many people fail on their N.Y. resolutions. Oh well, I'm back now! And with some super exciting news--on this 5th Weigh-In Wednesday, I can officially report that since October of 2012 I have lost a grand total of 40 POUNDS. It has been hard, it has sucked big fat monkey butt, I have had to make tough decisions, but I HAVE DONE IT. These last 6ish pounds have been the toughest to lose EVER, and I'm sure its going to continue to be hard. I NEED to exercise, I SHOULD exercise, I HAVE to exercise, buuuuuut I HATE to exercise. I keep finding excuses: its too dark in the morning, its too cold, I'm starving when I get off work, etc. In my defense, I have done a little--I completed the squat/push up challenge from the Sisterhood and I keep doing my Bye-Bye Jiggly Arms exercises every (ok almost every) night. But I know these are meant to supplement your existing workout, not be your sole workout. Sigh. I will do better, I will do better, I will do better. But back to the matter at hand--I need to celebrate this victory! Not sure how yet, perhaps a new book? What I really want is a big, moist, frosting-covered, yummy and delicious cupcake...but that would be extremely counterproductive. Maybe I'll buy a book with a cupcake on the cover instead.

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