Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Weigh-in #1

Today was the first official weigh-in of my New Years Weight Loss bootcamp. Annnnnndd.......I stayed the same. :( Wasn't entirely unexpected, as I had a girls night last night at a mexican restaurant and ate a lot more chips than I should have. It was unexpected and a last minute decision, so I really didn't have a chance to plan for it. But thats ok--today starts a new week, and a renewed dedication to the cause! I decided to evaluate my progress by seeing what I did right this week and what I did wrong.

 Did Right 
1. Drank more water
2. Tracked my points every day using my phone app
3. Did the Shrinking Jeans fitness calendar workout and a Bye Bye Jiggly Arms workout every day.

 Did Wrong
1. Didn't track the M&Ms I would casually sneak between meals. (Hey, one here and one there really add up!)
2. Had a second helping of some very delicious chili on Monday. (Its homemade, people, by GRANDMA. Who doesn't want a second helping?!)
3. Only did one day of my 20 minute full body workout, when I was meaning to do at least 3. 4. Tracked the pizza I ate for supper Saturday, did not track the oh-so-delicious Parmesan bread bites that accompanied that pizza. (beware folks, this are deadly!! lol)

So now I know what I need to work on. Have a bunch of new recipes I want to try out this week, including a bunch I found on This blog is fantastic--she includeds WW points and nutrition info on all of her recipes, and they are recipes that use "normal" ingredients--no weird substitutions or ingredients that you have to trek all over town to find. Her biggest asset is portion control--she has several individual meals, or "cupcakes" as she calls them. Check it out!

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