Thursday, January 2, 2014

Still going...

Day 2 of my weight loss relaunch, and I think I've done pretty good. Got in lots of water (and was in the bathroom 1000 times), stuck to my points (with one tiny one added to my weekly total), and even exercised some! I'm big on the HIIT workouts right now, mainly because they DON'T TAKE LONG. Granted, my "high intensity" is really more moderate intensity, but I'll work up to it! This workout involved body weight exercises--pushups, squats, etc. The only equipment required was a chair, for tricep dips and this exercise where you step up on to the chair and back down. Discovered the fitness timer app I downloaded is OK, but not great. It doesn't put in my 10 seconds of rest in between each exercise. I had to keep pausing. So I found a new one, and will try that out tomorrow.

Here's to hoping tomorrow goes as well as today!

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