Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 2...random thoughts about boots

Day 2 of my quest for skinniness. Think I'm doing pretty up and did the Shrinking Jeans Ab challenge and the Arm challenge workouts for the day. Came home and did 2 10min Pilates workouts. Granted, it wasn't as strenuous as yesterday's bootcamp workout, but hey, at least I did something, right? 

Earlier, while thinking about what workout I wanted to do this evening, I started surfing the internet for exercises to do to shrink my calves. See, I have a problem. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fall look of skinny jeans/leggings with a longer top and BOOTS. However, my calves are too big to wear said boots. I don't necessarily think they are just fat, but rather muscular covered with a layer of fat. They have always been this way--combination of genetics (thanks a heap, Mom) and the fact that I was a dancer for 14 years, with at least half of those years being overweight as well.Some people would kill for muscular, defined calves....I would kill to be able to wear cute boots. (Because honestly, ankle boots just don't have the same effect.) Anyway, back on topic. I found lots of info saying that you can't just pick and choose where the fat comes off your body, that with diet and exercise you should lose weight everywhere, etc. etc. etc. I did managed to learn that endurance exercises, rather than things like sprinting, keep your calves from becoming too muscular. Also, stretches like Pilates and Yoga help lengthen the muscles in the leg. My favorite (because I've already been doing them) are calf raises. Basically, you stand on your tiptoes and lower your heels to the ground without actually touching. I do these everywhere--heating up my lunch at work, waiting for a computer game to load, or brushing my hair. I THINK I've been able to tell a tiny difference, so hopefully by the time fall rolls around I'll have myself a lovely pair of calf boots. :)

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