Friday, August 9, 2013

Day 3....not dead yet

Please forgive any typos, I am trying to write this with my cat on my lap between me and the keyboard. Of course she won't budge, just gives me that "How dare you try to move me!" look as she promptly gets up, turns around, and tries to sit ON the keyboard. Grr.

So its my 3rd day of this challenge, and the second day of Boot Camp.  I am STILL sore from day one.  Started off the day with the Arms challenge from Shrinking Jeans. Then this evening did the Boot Camp workout. Still only able to sprint for about 15 seconds, but I don't think I felt as much like I wanted to die as I did on Wednesday. So GO ME!! :)  Did all the exercises afterward and rewarded myself with a large glass of water (that now my cat is wanting to drink herself) and the Royals game on tv.

Tonight for supper we went to Wendys. This was not the original dinner plan, but we decided that meal just didn't sound appealing tonight. Now a lot of people when I started doing Weight Watchers automatically assumed that meant I could never eat fast food again. SO NOT TRUE!!! You just have to be smart about what you order, as well as keeping in mind what you have already eaten throughout the day. For example, you wouldn't want to eat a large meal for lunch and then stop thru McD's for supper. Tonight, I had a caesar side salad with fat free French dressing and a crispy chicken sandwich with cheese. Total points value: 15. My original plan points value: 16. Did I just ruin my entire day? Nope. :) 

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